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Questions you may ask about us

What sort of people join Toastmasters?
Anyone from any background. Teachers, engineers, home makers,
retirees, managers, builders, lawyers, nurses, chefs - you name it.
How many people are in the club?
We have over 25 members, with 15-20 people turning up at each meeting.
Do I have to turn up every week?
It's preferable but not strictly necessary. If you miss the odd week then that's
OK. If you turn up most weeks then you'll get the full benefit.

Is Toastmasters very big? How long has it been going?
As of 2014 there are 270,000 members in 122 countries, through 14,300 clubs.
The first Toastmasters' club started in 1924 and has grown internationally every

Tuesday evenings don't suit me. Is there another time?
There are over 30 clubs in Christchurch. We can work with you to find a club of
the right day and time of day.

Is there anything for kids to be involved?
There is a course for school children, called the Youth Leadership Course. They
run for around eight weeks and are very successful. Contact us for details.
I'm still nervous about coming along to a meeting. Any advice?
We were all nervous when we went to our first meeting too!

Just come along or contact us if you want to know more.